Building A Better Future


Building A Better Future

Charles* is 22 years old and cares for his five siblings following the death of his parents. When we first met Charles and his family, they were all living in a small mud hut with a thatched roof, and Charles had dropped out of school to try and care for his siblings. Without an income, they were in a very vulnerable situation.

To begin with, Charles became a member of one of our local Child Rights Clubs and finished his primary school education. He then took part in our Vocational Training Program and completed a three-month course in carpentry. At the end of 2016, Charles set up his own carpentry shop.

On a good day, Charles is now earning between $5 to $7 from his carpentry shop! This is helping him to send all of his siblings back to school, and also afford to buy them food and other necessities. He has also bought two pigs and three chickens, as well as some cassava seeds, which are all fantastic financial assets for the family.

Charles has also put some of his skills to personal use and, with the help of the community, has started the construction of a second slightly larger hut his family to live, but with a steel roof instead of thatched roof which will help during the rainy days.

*Name has been changed to main confidentiality.

How do Child Rights Clubs help vulnerable children like Charles?