Since the introduction of our savings and loans initiative – the Village Investors Program (VIP) – in 2014, we have seen the fantastic impact achieved when social issues affecting vulnerable children are addressed in conjunction with the economic. When adults can earn money, we know that a child’s right to an education, safety and sustenance are better protected and upheld.

That’s why, over the last six years, we have trained 23 in-country partners to deliver the VIP alongside one of our other programs. To date, this has meant 31,000 parents, guardians and community volunteers have been economically empowered to better provide for 90,000 vulnerable children.

And as we grow, we want to build on this success.

In 2018 we introduced a new strategy for growth based on learnings from our work with two of our partners – MPC Blantyre and MPC Nkhoma – in Malawi. Since 2016, we have built their capacity to deliver our Pre-School, Kids’ Club and Vocational Training Programs alongside the VIP. In so doing, these partners have been able to equip 26 communities with the skills to:

Provide a pre-school education for their youngest children

Give counseling and emotional support for 6-16 year olds

Teach business and entrepreneurial skills to teenagers

Save and loan money and set up their own businesses.

This more integrated approach is helping these communities to identify, support and teach skills to vulnerable children throughout their childhood and adolescence.

Our strategy is therefore to build the capacity of all of our partners to deliver a larger selection of our social programs alongside the VIP. Not only will this amplify the holistic impact of our programs on vulnerable children, but it will also be the most efficient use of our time, funding and monitoring efforts.

This will ensure every $ that our supporters generously donate is used most effectively.

Every partner. Every community. Every child.

How do we support vulnerable children now?