In 2018, we introduced a two-fold strategy for growth:

  1. To work with our partners to deliver a number of our child-centered programs side-by-side in communities, because the more safety nets and support networks there are in place to identify and help when a child is vulnerable, the more likely they are to thrive.
  2. To build the capacity of every partner we work with to run the VIP, because a safe and sustainable household income means a child’s right to an education, safety and sustenance are better protected and upheld.

This decision was based on learnings from our work with our partners in Malawi, MPC Blantyre and MPC Nkhoma. Since 2016, we have worked with them to deliver the VIP alongside three of our social initiatives – the Pre-School, Kids’ Club, and Vocational Training programs – in a more integrated manner so each community can:

Provide a pre-school education for their youngest children

Give counseling and emotional support for 6-16 year olds

Teach business and entrepreneurial skills to out-of-school teenagers

Help parents and guardians to save and loan money, and set up their own businesses.

This more holistic approach means there is a touchpoint for any child throughout their childhood and adolescence within each community. It not only amplifies the impact of our work, but is also the most efficient use of our time, funding and monitoring efforts.

This will ensure every $ that our supporters generously donate is used most effectively.

Currently, the majority of our partners (11 of 16) are running 2-3 of our child-centered programs alongside the VIP. 

Every partner. Every community. Every child.

How do we support vulnerable children now?