We See Hope in Sharon

We See Hope in Sharon

A Story from Oasis Mbale, Uganda

Sharon, 17, is an orphan who was forced to drop out of school when she fell pregnant aged 12. She sadly lost her father due to HIV/AIDS when she was just three years old and her mother is also HIV positive. Sharon and her mother used to work long hours together as maids, but when an opportunity arose with our project partner Oasis for Sharon to join a skills training course, she was able to pursue a different path.


Sharon has now learned how to make tablecloths, knit sweaters and

Sharon Oasis Mbale Uganda

bake cakes, and also gained skills in running a business and managing money. She has joined a Village Investors Program (VIP) group and is learning a variety of life skills alongside her vocational training, which will equip her for the future.


“Having gained the skills I needed, I now want to save enough money to establish my own business,” Sharon explains. “This will help me earn more money to take care of my child and pay her school fees, and also to support the rest of my family.”


Sharon has gained confidence whilst taking part in the course and is now happily taking on a leadership role encouraging the other girls and sharing her knowledge with them.


*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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