We See Hope in Derrick

A Story from SA Malawi

When the WeSeeHope team first met Derrick*, 17, he and his younger brother were living alone following the death of their parents. Isolated and without a household income, life was difficult; they were struggling to earn money for food or school fees and needed help.


However, through Derrick’s hard work and ambition, life is changing for him and his brother. Our fantastic local project partner, SA Malawi, provided Derrick with a bicycle, three goats, seed and fertiliser and by using his entrepreneurial skills, he is making the most of them to create a sustainable income.

Derrick and his bike

Derrick in his garden

Derrick collected the manure from his goats and used it as a natural fertiliser, which has enabled him to harvest eight bags of maize. He is also using his bike as a taxi service in the local community and with the money he earned from this, he has made colourful improvements to his bike to create more demand for his taxi service. Finally, he is using his income to mould and burn new bricks so he can construct a new house for him and his brother.


Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit, Derrick can afford to send his brother to school, buy them both clothes and give them three meals a day!


*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality