Kelvin’s Story, Malawi


Kelvin’s Story, Malawi

Kelvin* is 16 years old and lives in Malawi. His parents passed away when he was young leaving him and his older brother to care for themselves. In a desperate situation, Kelvin’s older brother left town to try and find work, leaving him to fend for himself.

When we first met Kelvin, he was living alone with no income and had dropped out of school in order to earn whatever money he could to try and feed himself.

To ensure he was supported at home and in the community, Kelvin became part of our Child Headed Households Program and a local trained volunteer called Maria began looking in on Kelvin during the week.

Kelvin was given three goats, some fertiliser and seeds to start a food garden, and his own bicycle. To begin with, Kelvin started using his bicycle as a local taxi service and to run errands for people in his community for a small fee. Shortly afterwards, one of his goats gave birth to twins, which is rare, so now Kelvin has offers from within the village to use his male goat as stud – an additional income generating opportunity to his bike!

Thanks to his bike, goats and a whole lot of support and love from people like Maria, Kelvin is now back at school getting an education, and is looking to the future to achieve his dreams of becoming a farmer.

*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality

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